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Hi, I'm Oakey!

A Lifetime of Love


I grew up in an educated family, meaning we weren’t always well off but we had a lot of opportunities to travel and experience the world. My mother taught me about work ethic and cultivated my love for beautiful things including nice hotels and customer service. In this industry it is important to understand what your customers want and I hope I can provide that service for you! 


My mother deeply loved animals, so I think I was born with an innate love for them as well. My first love was a Shetland pony we got when I was two years old, her name was Cocoa and I’m thankful for all the tough lessons she taught me. I grew up surrounded by animals; we had gerbils, New Guinea cockatoos, Shetland ponies, German shepherds, and Arabian horses, as well as the variety of horses we had for horse tours! The barn is where my siblings and I spent our time if we were not in school. Lessons, animal care through 4-H, horse tours, and general customer service started at a young age.  


My customer service experience started when working in a small store at the age of 12, so I could pay for my horse.  At 14, I helped run horse tours for my parents. We only had two employees so it was a lot of work for the family. For the past 15 years I have worked as an inside wireman, but my passion was helping animals, as well as people. In my youth, I was lucky enough to travel extensively with my mother who was a cultural anthropologist - that on-the-go lifestyle showed me what a difference people can make in your day with a helping hand. All of the customer service skills I’ve developed over the years have shaped me into the person I am today, here to help you make your day better!  


Thank you for taking the time to read about my past! Here are some of my favorite photos of my “extended” family over the years!

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